Upcoming ‘Create a Coach’ and ‘Develop your Coaching’ day with Durham County RFU

Durham County RFU Coaching Society are recently back up and running, looking to support coaches across the County. One of the first events on the agenda is the ‘Create a Coach’ and ‘Develop your Coaching’ day.

The day has been planned to accommodate both in-experienced and experienced coaches. The day will include opportunities for CPD’s, Rugby Safe courses and a Mental Health awareness talk with Acorn Wellbeing.

We are very excited, and believe this day will be useful to all coaches!

The cost will be £35 for the Play it Safe /Rugby Ready/Mental Health Delivery/Lunch (Create A Coach section)

The cost for the established coaches is £10. This includes, Attacking/Defence Play/Player Retention/ Mental Health Delivery/ Lunch.

Tea’s & Coffee will be available throughout the day also.

To book, click the following links –

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Please share will all your experienced coaches, new coaches and budding coaches in your club!

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